Violetta Anna Licari, New York, Raven Reels, LLC


Jack's work is impeccable. His brilliant creativity is second to none.  Working with Jack, on my project, I am continually impressed with how  he,"gets it". His composition of music is always spot on. Jack is very  easy to talk with and very responsive, very approachable. He is humble, not lofty and takes his time to explain everything . Whether you are a novice or accomplished talent, Jack Walker will not disappoint you but rather make you realize you made the best choice, in choosing him for all of your musical needs.


TJ Jordan


Melting Point Americana Band, Wounded, Scarecrow, Big Shot

I’ve known and played with Jack for many years but never had the pleasure of recording at his studio, the experience was a fantastic one and Jack is just as talented at controls as he is as a musician (which is saying a lot). 

The whole recording session was relaxed, fun and we accomplished more then we set out to do. I highly recommend recording with him and can’t wait to get back there myself.

P.S, he’s also one of the best human beings you will meet, rock on.