About Jack

Thougthful and Provoking Scores to Accentuate Your Story

Jack Walker is a Composer and Music Producer based on Long Island, NY.  His compositions can be heard on Television on networks including BBC, A&E, WEtv, MTV, and VH1.  He has performed on over 100 albums spanning nearly three decades.  His primary instruments are keyboards and pianos, guitar and voice.

Your Story

Music for Television

An experienced composer can enhance your already great story - often quite subtly - and provide music that expertly compliments the picture on screen.  Stock libraries are great, but nothing compares to the real thing.

Jack's Music

Jack's influences and styles are comprehensive and varied.  From simple guitar based motifs to complex multipart choral and orchestral compositions and arrangements, nearly every style of music is represented in Jack's repertoire.  Using the finest technologies in computer based composition, orchestration, mixing and output formats, your music will be delivered quickly - polished and ready to drop into your timeline.